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Who is Phil Jones?

Phil Jones Phil Jones is an award-winning international speaker, author, and trainer, who has worked in over 20 countries across 5 continents. He is consistently recognised as an authority of sales psychology and negotiation. His strategies are responsible for increasing business turnover rate and general profitability. Phil’s engaging delivery and effective advice are not his only benefits; Phil truly “walks the walk” and has seen both hurdles and success in his young life.

Phil started his first business at the age of 14 and has developed his simple and straight-forward approach to sales since then. After developing a number of successful business ventures through his teens, Phil was selected and sponsored to join the Management Training Programme of Debenhams, one of the UK’s leading department store groups. At eighteen years of age, Phil was given the role of Sales Manager [director of sales], continually building his reputation by delivering exceptional results.

Phil then joined DFS Furniture Group, where he was instrumental in turning around a number of underperforming stores. Phil’s expertise was then applied to an entirely different arena: the English Premier League. The clubs that Phil worked with benefitted in their number of sponsorships, licensing arrangements, and tripled their retail sales. Phil was then approached to help build a property sales business, which enjoyed a revenue stream of £240 million per year.

Launched in 2008, Philmjones ltd introduced a one day workshop entitled Reaching New Heights. The content of this first workshop was born directly out of Phil’s numerous and meticulously kept journals of his business optimization experiences. In it’s first year, over 2500 people benefitted from joining the program. Reaching New Heights was so effective, engaging, and accessible, that Phil built a team of trainers and coaches and certified them to teach his material to their local business communities throughout the UK, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

Praised for his uniquely entertaining delivery style and practical content, Phil’s speaking work has seen him sharing a stage with greats such as Allan Pease, Larry Winget, Richard Denny and Steve Backley OBE. By 2012 Phil had released his first book Toolbox, shortly followed by his second Magic Words. Both his first and second books achieved Amazon best seller status and garnered high acclaim. Phil also provides his expertise in Audio CD via his Accelerator programme, meaning that with international distribution he shares his knowledge, his experience and his lessons worldwide.

In 2013, Phil’s professional speaking was recognized by the prestigious fellowship of the Professional Speaking Association, which added to his existing fellowship from the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management. His training work was recognized further by the British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards; Phil became the youngest ever winner of the coveted Sales Trainer of the Year award.

2014 has already seen the opening of the first international office located in Los Angeles, California, and more global offices are in the works. Phil’s most recent literary contribution is a series of books entitled Straight Forward. Phil has been working with television professionals in Los Angeles to launch his educational and entertaining YouTube channel. His diverse channel is an extension of his own mission statement: to teach the world to sell.

Phil is increasingly recognizable as “the guy who makes complicated processes seem simple”, and loves reminding people that business is serious but can still be fun. Put simply, Phil Jones has developed a fresh understanding towards sales with simple processes and procedures. These processes help people to win more customers, who then invest more frequently and return more often. Phil is not a theorist but is a businessman who speaks from his own experience. Put simply, he is changing the perception of “sales” from being a dirty word to being a profession to be proud of.