We are an experienced and professional team, providing customer focused solutions to grow your organisation. We help you to find more customers, who spend more often and increase their spend each time they shop.

Selling skills are essential for everybody in business. We work with sales and non-sales people, business owners and senior executives; from new start up businesses through to large corporate organisations. If you are looking for more business then you have found the right place.


It’s in your hands to make your business work – investing time to work on your business is imperative.


Our flagship one day sales workshops are happening all over the UK, and are guaranteed to drive success.



All serious sports professionals see the benefit in a coach and many serious business owners are now enjoying those benefits too.



What effect would bespoke training for your team have on your business?


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People who are looking to grow their business bring ambition and enthusiasm yet often lack skills and direction. This is how we help people. We have a range of simple workshops, open events and a specialist team of coaches and advisors to help you achieve your goals. All of our programmes are designed with you in mind and it is paramount that you always receive excellent value for money.

Built on the lessons of experienced sales professional and business educator, Phil Jones, our processes are tried, tested and proven allowing us to guarantee results. Most people start their relationship with us by attending our one day sales workshop. Investing just a day of your time in this course could seriously affect your success.